Scotch tape: did you know that?

Scotch tape… Such a familiar thing that we do not even think how to use it. If to ask this question, then most of us will immediately remember a transparent, sticky on one side tape. Some will think about brown material. This is where the knowledge of most people ends. But is there really only two types of adhesive tape in the world? Of course not!

Returning to the already mentioned transparent and dark sticky tapes, we can say that this is only a small fraction of all types of adhesive tape. Such materials are used either for packaging (they are often glued to various boxes when moving), or in order to secure the cargo, for example, during transportation in a car. Such types of adhesive tape are the most common, and several kilometers are consumed daily in the world!

The second most popular is color tape. Bright, eye-catching appearance is its main distinguishing feature. As for the main technical characteristics, they are absolutely identical for transparent and colored adhesive tapes. Why, then, use non-standard coloring material? Then, that its application makes it easy to classify many goods simultaneously located in any place. That is why the use of colored tape can often be observed in large warehouses, as well as during office and apartment moves.

An honorable third place has scotch tape with a logo. Such material always looks beautiful and unusual; therefore, it is not surprising that it is often used to attract customers. In addition to the bright pattern, the contacts of company representatives will be printed on the adhesive tape, which will hope not only for a one-time purchase, but also for repeated appeal. And finally, another undoubted advantage of this material is its uniqueness. This kind of scotch tape gives confidence that the attackers will not be able to open the package and then return it to its original pristine appearance.

The next type of adhesive tape, which we will tell you about, is masking. Unlike the previously mentioned materials used for packing goods, it is used to protect items during repair work. Its main advantage is that it does not leave even the slightest trace on the surface where it was glued. Due to this property, masking tape is often used to cover the individual parts of a thing during the painting of its entire body. So, for example, if you want to change the color of the cabinet and not stain the mirror, this kind of adhesive tape that will help you.

This material is very widespread in the automotive industry. However, in order to paint the car, ordinary masking tape is not enough – you need a substance that can withstand very high temperatures. For such purposes, an adhesive tape, that can withstand 80 or even 120 degrees of heat, was invented.

Among the existing types of adhesive tape can also be distinguished double-sided tape. This material allows you to securely and seamlessly fasten several items. It is often used during moves to connect boxes of things with each other. As for use of such adhesive tape in industry, it is often used in furniture production – for gluing mirrors, for example.

For more useful information about moving feel free to contact Local and Long Distance Moving Group or visit our web site.

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Moving Green

It’s no secret that there is a world-wide movement to “go green” and the moving and storage industries are on-board with that vitally important philosophy.

There are places that can help you make your move a greener one than you might have imagined possible – and it’s all pretty easy to do.

What you should keep and what you should get rid:

Once you’ve decided which items you don’t want to take with you when you move, here are some green ideas on how to eliminate them from your life, while possibly helping someone else with his or hers:

  1. If you have the time, throw a yard sale.
    2. You can donate useable clothing, furniture, books, household items, etc., to local shelters, or any other organizations that help others. Most of them provide free pick-up, but be sure to let them know what, exactly, you intend to donate, since even charitable groups have a list of items they will refuse to take.
    3. If you have electronic items that need to be recycled, find recycle centers in your town. You can also look for places where you can donate these same items locally.

Pack what you’re taking with you:

If you are already interested in saving our environment and ecosystems, then you’re probably also aware that every new box or crate you obtain represents x-number of virgin trees; that Styrofoam “peanuts” and bubble wrap are simply terrible when they enter dumps and landfills (but can, at least, be re-used).

As you start to think about packing, ask your local grocery stores or liquor stores to save sturdy boxes for you. Most of them would prefer giving old boxes away than having to tear them up and dump them. You can also buy recycled materials from us and get free shipping with every order.

There are companies that will rent you crates and boxes, made of recycled materials. They will deliver them to your current location and pick them up at the other destination when you’re finished with them.

Hiring a green-friendly moving company:

One of the most important things to ascertain is whether or not their trucks use biodiesel and/or are hybrids. Of course, not all trucks are capable of using this type of fuel, but if you’re serious about green, start with that question.

You should also question whether or not they use recycled materials for packing and crating.

How you clean up is as important as what you clean up:

Whether you’re leaving your old place spotlessly clean for its next inhabitants or making certain that your new home or office meets your own standards of cleanliness, you will do yourself and the Earth a favor by using green cleaning products. They do just as good a job as chemical-based cleansers and are often less expensive. Either way, they are much better for your health.

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El Camino Self Storage

El Camino Self Storage is a great self-storage company in Santa Clara. They’re the largest public storage in Santa Clara and the secure facility is state of the art with security patrols well-lit pathways for your comfort and safety. If you need a reputable Santa Clara self-storage company, look no further than El Camino Self Storage. They have two convenient locations that are accessible to customers 7 days a week (including holidays).

You can migrate to their website ( to find out more about their promotions and guarantees. We know how important a quality and affordable self-storage company is to you after your move. On their website, you can not only find out more information about their services, but you can make a reservation that will be held for a maximum of 14 days. For a great self-storage company, give El Camino Self Storage a call today.

El Camino Self Storage
2460 De La Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara, Ca 95050
Phone # 408-980-9430

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Moving from San Francisco

Local and Long Distance Moving Group is the clear choice for people moving from San Francisco. We hope after reading this article you will see why. 

A recent article in the SF Gate (here) surveyed San Francisco residents and found that nearly one third of all residents want to leave. With a population of 884,000 people, according to, that would equal to 291,720 people. That’s over 40% of all people moving out of California per year. Of course the article only speaks of people who desire to move, not people who are actually moving out of San Francisco. The numbers are still staggering either way.

The quality of life, according to most people, has been drastically altered in the negative direction. San Francisco went from a bustling city of Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs living the high life to homeless people proliferating the streets and causing unhealthy living conditions for many people. Perhaps this is one reason there was a typhoid outbreak recently. This is a disease that has not been seen in the modern United States.

Regardless of the reason for moving away from San Francisco, Local and Long Distance Moving Group understands. Our professional movers life and work here. We know the area well and have seen the drastic changes. We are happy to help you with your move from San Francisco to Los Angeles or even further. As one of the best moving companies in the Bay Area, our great reputation allows us to consistently serve customers that keeps them coming back time and time again. That being said, don’t just take our word for it. Head over to Yelp and Google and see how our long distance moving services are unparalleled. Also know that we are professionally licensed and insured so that you may have the most secure move possible.

Still have questions? Give our office representatives a call today to get the answers you need and deserve.

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Long distance relocation

The process of moving is very difficult and stressful, but when dealing with long distance moving you can feel yourself twice as stressful as anyone else.  If you are planning to move to a neighboring state, or to a state located at the end of the country it is normal to feel a sense of thrill and anxiety – everyone feels that way. How can I stay organized and remember everything? What shall I start with? Should I hire a moving company or move on my own? All these questions may haunt your mind.

Moving long distance is very much different from the short-distance moving, because it is much more complicated and dealing with it on your own can be a real challenge. Most moving companies use the term “long distance” to refer to moves longer than 100 miles including intrastate and cross-country moves, but it doesn’t include international moves. When choosing movers, you should calculate your expenses, determine how you can move, and whether you will hire movers or move yourself:

  1. Truck rental. This option seems to be the cheapest one. However, is it really so? You pack, load, drive, unload, pick up and return the equipment. It is a kind of do-it-yourself option, and often takes much efforts and nerves. Not everyone is ready to face such a big ordeal.
  2. Self-moving service. This option compares to truck rental in price, but you do not have to drive! If you choose this option, you will pack and load, but not drive.
  3. Full-service movers. The name speaks for itself. This type of moving gives you a full range of services – the companies do everything for you. The option is the more expensive since everything is included. But if your budget allows you, it is better to choose a full-service moving in order to have everything well-organized by professionals. It will save your time, nerves and turn your long-distance relocation into a real adventure.

It is also very important to choose a reliable and reputable moving company. You should compare. Get at least three quotes from different movers. But do not make your final decision on price alone. Remember that a cheap move can turn expensive if your belongings get lost or damaged during the relocation. Always ask for the insurance. Full valuation protection fully covers your items from possible moving damages.

If you choose a full-service moving, you will not be worried about the packing process. But if you do not, you should think about how to pack and what packing materials to use ahead of time. If you are packing yourself for the move, do not forget to label all boxes and write a list of the items packed inside. It will be very helpful to indicate what room the items should be placed inside of your new home.

Another important issue is a full inventory of your belongings. It is better to spend several hours inspecting the stuff you are planning to transport to your new home, because the cost of your move is going to be based on the weight of the items you deliver. The more items you have, the more you finally pay. So, it is a good idea to take the time to go through your stuff and decide what you need and what you can get rid of.

It is an easy task to get estimates from different long-distance movers, but we know you do not need just any mover – you need the best one! We are here to assist you with your long-distance relocation. With our team of professional movers, you can sleep easy knowing you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything during your move. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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How to file a claim against a moving company if your stuff is damaged?

Scratches, dents, broken items, losses after your move… Unfortunately, all these unexpected accidents do happen! If you complain only to your relatives or friends about your wrong choice of a mover, you will get nothing more than just the sympathy and regret. But who will pay for your highly valued items? If you feel you have no option but to file a complaint against your moving company, you should know what steps to do first of all.

Some things you have to do even before planning your move. In order to avoid most moving-company problems, choose a reputable and well recognized moving company. You know the quote: a cheapskate pays twice. Be sure to face the difficulties caused by strange five guys who posted a notice of well-organized moving service somewhere at the nearest pharmacy or shop. All reputable movers have insurance to cover claims, and they often have the aim to solve any disputes with their customers as soon as possible.

It will be very helpful to make a full inventory list of all your belongings and take pictures of the most valued items in the case you need to have a proof of their condition before a move.

When you have finally moved to your dream house, don’t forget to inspect all your boxes, the most fragile items, pieces of furniture, walls, doors and window frames. Compare everything with your inventory list, and if something is lost or damaged, inform your movers immediately without signing the delivery paperwork.

Usually there is not much time for meticulous inspection at the time of delivery. But you still have the possibility to check everything after your movers are gone. The law states that your claim must be filed, in writing, within nine months after delivery of the goods.

Note down and describe any losses or damages you have found after the relocation. Make photos, videos and try to use the receipts for the items as a proof. Collect all records of talks with your movers, from the moment you hired them to present day moment. Make sure you have copies of all contracts, letters, bills and other documents you got from the moving company.

There is often the possibility to file an electronic claim on the web site of your moving company. It is very convenient, because it saves your time and gives you a chance to speed up the process of resolving your claim. Don’t move your damaged items, don’t try to repair them by yourself if you know it is impossible to set them right. Just leave them as they are until the moving company sends their representative to review all the damages. A local repair company is in charge of inspecting all the broken stuff. If they determine the fact that your items were not broken during the moving process, the claim will be denied.

According to the law, the moving company has 30 days to respond to your claim. Trustworthy movers take all the necessary actions to resolve your complaint. And remember, the service quality of the company is measured not in the possible problems may occur during the moving process, but what they do to resolve these problems. Hope this article was useful for your, and now you will be armed with information, which can help you to organize the best move to the best dream house.

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The Long Distance Moving Process

We wanted you, cross country moving customers, to know what the process was like, step by step moving your items from origin to destination. We’ve broken it down into four categories, Booking, Arrival, Transport, and Destination. Here they are for your information:


  • We ensure that you receive an email confirmation of the moving date you requested
  • We inspect the home before arrival to get a better idea of your belongings and location (required by law)
  • Register your move into the schedule and dispatch professional long distance movers to your residence


  • Movers tour the home to gain familiarity
  • Protective gear is placed throughout the home (company policy)
  • Items are padded, wrapped, staged, and moved into trailer (usually the foreman is in charge of placing the items into the trailer)
  • A final safety check is performed before departure (company policy)


  • Driver stops periodically to do safety inspections and keeps a log (required by law)
  • A safe speed is maintained and the professional driver makes sure that safety of the items is maintained.
  • Company and driver calls the customer before delivery to confirm arrival time at the destination.


  • A pre-unload safety inspection is conducted to make sure everything arrived safely (company policy)
  • Movers protect key areas in the house from footstep and dolly traffic
  • Foreman ensures workers are maintaining a safe working environment
  • A final inspection is done to verify that the move was conducted safely and properly

At Local and Long Distance Moving Group we work hard to make we are the most recommended long distance movers. To maintain our great reputation, we make sure this minimum guideline is followed every time. If you have any questions please give us a call. We will be glad to assist you today. 

Please contact our office with any questions you might have about your move by calling 888-627-0301 or emailing to

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From Palo Alto to Long Beach: Daniel’s Moving Story

Daniel Martin is a network engineer in Palo Alto. His company offered to move him to Long Beach, CA. At first he turned the offer down until the company offered to increase his salary by 10%. It still wasn’t an easy decision for him to make. He explains:

“With three kids, two in middle school and one in elementary, I couldn’t take the decision lightly. I needed to pull my kids out of school and force them to make new friends. Luckily for us, the kids were more or less okay with moving away.” 

So it was set – it was time to move. Daniel searched the internet for “affordable long distance movers,” and came across several companies. 

That’s when I ran across Local and Long Distance Moving Group. They had a five-star rating on Yelp and lots of good reviews by a variety of customers. That’s when I decided to call.

Our Office Manager, Alex, picked up the phone and talked to Daniel about all of the options our professional long distance moving company offered. 

From Alex:

I could tell right away that Daniel was a family man. He had that calm-manner respectful tone that you would expect your own father to have. He told me he needed to move in 4 weeks, which was enough time to find him a good spot. I still remember that he asked for at least three movers to load his belongings. Most customers just leave it to us to determine the number of workers to send, but he did his research. That’s a good thing.

Booking is easy at Local and Long Distance Moving Group. You just call or visit our website (, provide some brief details about your move, and an experienced office staff with moving experience, like, Alex, will answer all of your important questions. Daniel told us he was satisfied with our company and decided to book his job on a Saturday. Most people book their jobs on weekends. 

Saturday morning arrives and Mary Cruz was in charge of dispatch and operations for the morning.

I wake up at 5am every morning, get ready, and get to the warehouse at 6am. I just live a few blocks away. I start the coffee, go over the paperwork for the day, and remind myself who was moving. That’s when I saw Daniel’s paperwork. He was moving to Long Beach and had ordered three movers to move him there. We scheduled the best movers, two of whom had 15+ years of long distance moving experience. They grabbed their coffee, double-checked equipment and truck safety, and moved toward the customers house. I called Daniel about 8am to verify our movers at a 9am arrival.

From Daniel:

They pulled their truck up at 9am exactly. Three men came out of the giant truck and Russell greeted me with a smile and handshake. I offered the men coffee, but they kindly requested to tour the home so they could get started. I was happy with that. After showing them around they laid out protective padding all over the carpets, stairs, hardwood, and door corners. It was impressive and quick. Afterwards, they began wrapping items in blankets and wrapping them in clear wrap, staging some items in the middle of rooms and lumping other items out of the door and into the truck.

Our mover Aaron, who was the lead mover that day, and has over 15 years of experience moving professionally took his job seriously:

From Aaron:

Since I was 10 years old living on a farm in Indiana, I’ve taken joy from moving items. Each item is unique and is a challenge to stack in the truck. Everything must stack right for the items to arrive safely and the driver to feel a smooth ride. I knew Daniel was moving to Long Beach and I know the route there like the back of my hand. First I knew they would be going over some dangerous road on the Grapevine. That’s a stretch of highway that climbs the mountainous region north of Los Angeles. I made sure to put some extra padding around the corners for furniture shifting to prevent any scratches or crushing.

Aaron is a great employee. He always takes his job seriously and that’s why he’s consistently getting our employee of the month award. 

From Daniel:

Just like magic everything was loaded in just a few hours. Upon arrival at the new house, the guys were there to greet me, again with a handshake and smile. Again, they set up protective gear and started moving items in. This time I felt like I knew the process perfectly. Everything went off just right, like dominoes falling perfectly. I ordered pizza and colas for lunch. We enjoyed lunch together and I even helped move stuff around in the house and answered their questions about placement of boxes that I had forgot to label.

It was near the end of the move and the movers cleared all of the leftover equipment from the house and cleaned the driveway. It was time to say goodbye.

From Daniel:

My family and I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all of the movers and staff members who were involved in making this move a possibility for us. Everything went smoothly and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. I hope I don’t have to move again, but if I do, I know to call Local and Long Distance Moving Group.

Daniel, thank you for your business. At Local and Long Distance Moving Group, you have a friend for life. We’ll give you a call in a while after you settle in to see how everything is going. We hope the best for you and your family, and good luck. If you need cross country movers, give Local and Long Distance Moving Group a call today.

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Difference Between Local and Long Distance Moving

Most people have experienced moving locally. First there’s the box truck that shows up with two or three men that grab all of your stuff and piece it together is some way inside of the truck. There doesn’t seem to be much of a science or art to the madness, even though there truly is. Even if you choose affordable long distance moving rather than the more expensive version, there’s still much more involved than just showing up and loading and then unloading when it’s done. There has to be a meticulous process completed to ensure the driver, customer, and the belongings are treated with respect.

Air Ride

The first major difference is that most smaller box trucks do not have air shocks installed on the trailer. Professional long distance movers are almost required to have air shocks installed on their trailers. Local and Long Distance Movers has their customers covered in that area. It makes the trip much safer for the driver and protects the furniture from moving damage.

Extra Protection

State to state movers take extra steps to ensure all of the furniture is protected by wrapping them carefully. This judicious process is meticulous and requires professional moving experience. Try doing this on your own and it could actually do more harm to the furniture than good. Local and Long Distance Moving Group also has you covered here.

Sturdy Partitioning

Often smaller truck and local moving jobs don’t require specialized straps and partition bars to separate heavy from light items, but cross country movers do. With these tools we can build extra platforms to put lighter or heavier items on according to the professional opinion of the driver. This is an extra step to protecting your belongings.

Extra Clean Equipment

Local and Long Distance Moving Group takes all of the extra steps to make sure our equipment is up to date on repairs and has regular cleaning. If companies to keep their equipment maintained properly, it could lead to damage and injury. Our blankets are commercially washed twice per month to make sure no creepy crawlies will wind up in your new home.

There are lots of differences between local and long distance moving, and Local and Long Distance Moving Group has all of the answers for you. Give us a call today. One of our friendly office staff members are on standby now.

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