Difference Between Local and Long Distance Moving

Most people have experienced moving locally. First there’s the box truck that shows up with two or three men that grab all of your stuff and piece it together is some way inside of the truck. There doesn’t seem to be much of a science or art to the madness, even though there truly is. Even if you choose affordable long distance moving rather than the more expensive version, there’s still much more involved than just showing up and loading and then unloading when it’s done. There has to be a meticulous process completed to ensure the driver, customer, and the belongings are treated with respect.

Air Ride

The first major difference is that most smaller box trucks do not have air shocks installed on the trailer. Professional long distance movers are almost required to have air shocks installed on their trailers. Local and Long Distance Movers has their customers covered in that area. It makes the trip much safer for the driver and protects the furniture from moving damage.

Extra Protection

State to state movers take extra steps to ensure all of the furniture is protected by wrapping them carefully. This judicious process is meticulous and requires professional moving experience. Try doing this on your own and it could actually do more harm to the furniture than good. Local and Long Distance Moving Group also has you covered here.

Sturdy Partitioning

Often smaller truck and local moving jobs don’t require specialized straps and partition bars to separate heavy from light items, but cross country movers do. With these tools we can build extra platforms to put lighter or heavier items on according to the professional opinion of the driver. This is an extra step to protecting your belongings.

Extra Clean Equipment

Local and Long Distance Moving Group takes all of the extra steps to make sure our equipment is up to date on repairs and has regular cleaning. If companies to keep their equipment maintained properly, it could lead to damage and injury. Our blankets are commercially washed twice per month to make sure no creepy crawlies will wind up in your new home.

There are lots of differences between local and long distance moving, and Local and Long Distance Moving Group has all of the answers for you. Give us a call today. One of our friendly office staff members are on standby now.

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