From Palo Alto to Long Beach: Daniel’s Moving Story

Daniel Martin is a network engineer in Palo Alto. His company offered to move him to Long Beach, CA. At first he turned the offer down until the company offered to increase his salary by 10%. It still wasn’t an easy decision for him to make. He explains:

“With three kids, two in middle school and one in elementary, I couldn’t take the decision lightly. I needed to pull my kids out of school and force them to make new friends. Luckily for us, the kids were more or less okay with moving away.” 

So it was set – it was time to move. Daniel searched the internet for “affordable long distance movers,” and came across several companies. 

That’s when I ran across Local and Long Distance Moving Group. They had a five-star rating on Yelp and lots of good reviews by a variety of customers. That’s when I decided to call.

Our Office Manager, Alex, picked up the phone and talked to Daniel about all of the options our professional long distance moving company offered. 

From Alex:

I could tell right away that Daniel was a family man. He had that calm-manner respectful tone that you would expect your own father to have. He told me he needed to move in 4 weeks, which was enough time to find him a good spot. I still remember that he asked for at least three movers to load his belongings. Most customers just leave it to us to determine the number of workers to send, but he did his research. That’s a good thing.

Booking is easy at Local and Long Distance Moving Group. You just call or visit our website (, provide some brief details about your move, and an experienced office staff with moving experience, like, Alex, will answer all of your important questions. Daniel told us he was satisfied with our company and decided to book his job on a Saturday. Most people book their jobs on weekends. 

Saturday morning arrives and Mary Cruz was in charge of dispatch and operations for the morning.

I wake up at 5am every morning, get ready, and get to the warehouse at 6am. I just live a few blocks away. I start the coffee, go over the paperwork for the day, and remind myself who was moving. That’s when I saw Daniel’s paperwork. He was moving to Long Beach and had ordered three movers to move him there. We scheduled the best movers, two of whom had 15+ years of long distance moving experience. They grabbed their coffee, double-checked equipment and truck safety, and moved toward the customers house. I called Daniel about 8am to verify our movers at a 9am arrival.

From Daniel:

They pulled their truck up at 9am exactly. Three men came out of the giant truck and Russell greeted me with a smile and handshake. I offered the men coffee, but they kindly requested to tour the home so they could get started. I was happy with that. After showing them around they laid out protective padding all over the carpets, stairs, hardwood, and door corners. It was impressive and quick. Afterwards, they began wrapping items in blankets and wrapping them in clear wrap, staging some items in the middle of rooms and lumping other items out of the door and into the truck.

Our mover Aaron, who was the lead mover that day, and has over 15 years of experience moving professionally took his job seriously:

From Aaron:

Since I was 10 years old living on a farm in Indiana, I’ve taken joy from moving items. Each item is unique and is a challenge to stack in the truck. Everything must stack right for the items to arrive safely and the driver to feel a smooth ride. I knew Daniel was moving to Long Beach and I know the route there like the back of my hand. First I knew they would be going over some dangerous road on the Grapevine. That’s a stretch of highway that climbs the mountainous region north of Los Angeles. I made sure to put some extra padding around the corners for furniture shifting to prevent any scratches or crushing.

Aaron is a great employee. He always takes his job seriously and that’s why he’s consistently getting our employee of the month award. 

From Daniel:

Just like magic everything was loaded in just a few hours. Upon arrival at the new house, the guys were there to greet me, again with a handshake and smile. Again, they set up protective gear and started moving items in. This time I felt like I knew the process perfectly. Everything went off just right, like dominoes falling perfectly. I ordered pizza and colas for lunch. We enjoyed lunch together and I even helped move stuff around in the house and answered their questions about placement of boxes that I had forgot to label.

It was near the end of the move and the movers cleared all of the leftover equipment from the house and cleaned the driveway. It was time to say goodbye.

From Daniel:

My family and I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all of the movers and staff members who were involved in making this move a possibility for us. Everything went smoothly and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. I hope I don’t have to move again, but if I do, I know to call Local and Long Distance Moving Group.

Daniel, thank you for your business. At Local and Long Distance Moving Group, you have a friend for life. We’ll give you a call in a while after you settle in to see how everything is going. We hope the best for you and your family, and good luck. If you need cross country movers, give Local and Long Distance Moving Group a call today.

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