How to file a claim against a moving company if your stuff is damaged?

Scratches, dents, broken items, losses after your move… Unfortunately, all these unexpected accidents do happen! If you complain only to your relatives or friends about your wrong choice of a mover, you will get nothing more than just the sympathy and regret. But who will pay for your highly valued items? If you feel you have no option but to file a complaint against your moving company, you should know what steps to do first of all.

Some things you have to do even before planning your move. In order to avoid most moving-company problems, choose a reputable and well recognized moving company. You know the quote: a cheapskate pays twice. Be sure to face the difficulties caused by strange five guys who posted a notice of well-organized moving service somewhere at the nearest pharmacy or shop. All reputable movers have insurance to cover claims, and they often have the aim to solve any disputes with their customers as soon as possible.

It will be very helpful to make a full inventory list of all your belongings and take pictures of the most valued items in the case you need to have a proof of their condition before a move.

When you have finally moved to your dream house, don’t forget to inspect all your boxes, the most fragile items, pieces of furniture, walls, doors and window frames. Compare everything with your inventory list, and if something is lost or damaged, inform your movers immediately without signing the delivery paperwork.

Usually there is not much time for meticulous inspection at the time of delivery. But you still have the possibility to check everything after your movers are gone. The law states that your claim must be filed, in writing, within nine months after delivery of the goods.

Note down and describe any losses or damages you have found after the relocation. Make photos, videos and try to use the receipts for the items as a proof. Collect all records of talks with your movers, from the moment you hired them to present day moment. Make sure you have copies of all contracts, letters, bills and other documents you got from the moving company.

There is often the possibility to file an electronic claim on the web site of your moving company. It is very convenient, because it saves your time and gives you a chance to speed up the process of resolving your claim. Don’t move your damaged items, don’t try to repair them by yourself if you know it is impossible to set them right. Just leave them as they are until the moving company sends their representative to review all the damages. A local repair company is in charge of inspecting all the broken stuff. If they determine the fact that your items were not broken during the moving process, the claim will be denied.

According to the law, the moving company has 30 days to respond to your claim. Trustworthy movers take all the necessary actions to resolve your complaint. And remember, the service quality of the company is measured not in the possible problems may occur during the moving process, but what they do to resolve these problems. Hope this article was useful for your, and now you will be armed with information, which can help you to organize the best move to the best dream house.

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