Local Moving

Let our local movers help you begin a new life.

Local and Long Distance Moving Group is ready to help you move forward confidently.

We provide more than just local moving. We provide fresh starts.

No matter the distance, always be prepared for your move.

Do you know what’s considered a local move? If you said 60 miles and under, you got it! Since that’s not a very long distance, it’s easy to assume moving will be a breeze. But don’t underestimate it. Regardless of whether you’re relocating across town or the country, every move has its own set of unique challenges. Moving close by doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming, however, especially if you go with a reputable local moving company. That’s where Local and Long Distance Moving Group is here to help. Our local moving packers and movers make moving day easy. Whatever you need, Local and Long Distance Moving Group is ready to offer you the best local moving services and customer support in San Francisco.

Your moving satisfaction is important to us.

Local moving can be costly and stressful. But with the right movers, it doesn’t have to be. With Local and Long Distance Moving Group, you will gain a sidekick to help you start to your new life smoothly, while staying on budget and on time. Local moving generally goes by an hourly rate but can be assessed as a fixed fee when necessary. Our quote will depend on the overall dimensions and volume of your belongings plus the size of moving team required.

Local and Long Distance Moving Group offers some of the most affordable local moving services in San Francisco. We make sure that each and every client is made aware of pricing, details and expectations prior to commitment. Every move is unique. Whether you’re relocating to a new apartment in the same district or an upsized house across town, we strive to make every moving experience in SF an enjoyable one!

We excel at moving San Franciscans

Sure, Local and Long Distance Moving Group is a reputable local moving company with a ton of experience helping San Franciscans relocate to new studios, dorms, apartments and houses. But if that’s all we were, our company would just be average. To be great, we offer outstanding customer service and an amazing staff of considerate, highly skilled moving professionals. And this has resulted in highly satisfied clients. That’s why Local and Long Distance Moving Group is the #1 mover in SF. Whether you’re relocating to the Mission District or East Bay, we are the best choice in the City by the Bay.