Long distance relocation

The process of moving is very difficult and stressful, but when dealing with long distance moving you can feel yourself twice as stressful as anyone else.  If you are planning to move to a neighboring state, or to a state located at the end of the country it is normal to feel a sense of thrill and anxiety – everyone feels that way. How can I stay organized and remember everything? What shall I start with? Should I hire a moving company or move on my own? All these questions may haunt your mind.

Moving long distance is very much different from the short-distance moving, because it is much more complicated and dealing with it on your own can be a real challenge. Most moving companies use the term “long distance” to refer to moves longer than 100 miles including intrastate and cross-country moves, but it doesn’t include international moves. When choosing movers, you should calculate your expenses, determine how you can move, and whether you will hire movers or move yourself:

  1. Truck rental. This option seems to be the cheapest one. However, is it really so? You pack, load, drive, unload, pick up and return the equipment. It is a kind of do-it-yourself option, and often takes much efforts and nerves. Not everyone is ready to face such a big ordeal.
  2. Self-moving service. This option compares to truck rental in price, but you do not have to drive! If you choose this option, you will pack and load, but not drive.
  3. Full-service movers. The name speaks for itself. This type of moving gives you a full range of services – the companies do everything for you. The option is the more expensive since everything is included. But if your budget allows you, it is better to choose a full-service moving in order to have everything well-organized by professionals. It will save your time, nerves and turn your long-distance relocation into a real adventure.

It is also very important to choose a reliable and reputable moving company. You should compare. Get at least three quotes from different movers. But do not make your final decision on price alone. Remember that a cheap move can turn expensive if your belongings get lost or damaged during the relocation. Always ask for the insurance. Full valuation protection fully covers your items from possible moving damages.

If you choose a full-service moving, you will not be worried about the packing process. But if you do not, you should think about how to pack and what packing materials to use ahead of time. If you are packing yourself for the move, do not forget to label all boxes and write a list of the items packed inside. It will be very helpful to indicate what room the items should be placed inside of your new home.

Another important issue is a full inventory of your belongings. It is better to spend several hours inspecting the stuff you are planning to transport to your new home, because the cost of your move is going to be based on the weight of the items you deliver. The more items you have, the more you finally pay. So, it is a good idea to take the time to go through your stuff and decide what you need and what you can get rid of.

It is an easy task to get estimates from different long-distance movers, but we know you do not need just any mover – you need the best one! We are here to assist you with your long-distance relocation. With our team of professional movers, you can sleep easy knowing you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything during your move. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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