Moving Green

It’s no secret that there is a world-wide movement to “go green” and the moving and storage industries are on-board with that vitally important philosophy.

There are places that can help you make your move a greener one than you might have imagined possible – and it’s all pretty easy to do.

What you should keep and what you should get rid:

Once you’ve decided which items you don’t want to take with you when you move, here are some green ideas on how to eliminate them from your life, while possibly helping someone else with his or hers:

  1. If you have the time, throw a yard sale.
    2. You can donate useable clothing, furniture, books, household items, etc., to local shelters, or any other organizations that help others. Most of them provide free pick-up, but be sure to let them know what, exactly, you intend to donate, since even charitable groups have a list of items they will refuse to take.
    3. If you have electronic items that need to be recycled, find recycle centers in your town. You can also look for places where you can donate these same items locally.

Pack what you’re taking with you:

If you are already interested in saving our environment and ecosystems, then you’re probably also aware that every new box or crate you obtain represents x-number of virgin trees; that Styrofoam “peanuts” and bubble wrap are simply terrible when they enter dumps and landfills (but can, at least, be re-used).

As you start to think about packing, ask your local grocery stores or liquor stores to save sturdy boxes for you. Most of them would prefer giving old boxes away than having to tear them up and dump them. You can also buy recycled materials from us and get free shipping with every order.

There are companies that will rent you crates and boxes, made of recycled materials. They will deliver them to your current location and pick them up at the other destination when you’re finished with them.

Hiring a green-friendly moving company:

One of the most important things to ascertain is whether or not their trucks use biodiesel and/or are hybrids. Of course, not all trucks are capable of using this type of fuel, but if you’re serious about green, start with that question.

You should also question whether or not they use recycled materials for packing and crating.

How you clean up is as important as what you clean up:

Whether you’re leaving your old place spotlessly clean for its next inhabitants or making certain that your new home or office meets your own standards of cleanliness, you will do yourself and the Earth a favor by using green cleaning products. They do just as good a job as chemical-based cleansers and are often less expensive. Either way, they are much better for your health.

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