Scotch tape: did you know that?

Scotch tape… Such a familiar thing that we do not even think how to use it. If to ask this question, then most of us will immediately remember a transparent, sticky on one side tape. Some will think about brown material. This is where the knowledge of most people ends. But is there really only two types of adhesive tape in the world? Of course not!

Returning to the already mentioned transparent and dark sticky tapes, we can say that this is only a small fraction of all types of adhesive tape. Such materials are used either for packaging (they are often glued to various boxes when moving), or in order to secure the cargo, for example, during transportation in a car. Such types of adhesive tape are the most common, and several kilometers are consumed daily in the world!

The second most popular is color tape. Bright, eye-catching appearance is its main distinguishing feature. As for the main technical characteristics, they are absolutely identical for transparent and colored adhesive tapes. Why, then, use non-standard coloring material? Then, that its application makes it easy to classify many goods simultaneously located in any place. That is why the use of colored tape can often be observed in large warehouses, as well as during office and apartment moves.

An honorable third place has scotch tape with a logo. Such material always looks beautiful and unusual; therefore, it is not surprising that it is often used to attract customers. In addition to the bright pattern, the contacts of company representatives will be printed on the adhesive tape, which will hope not only for a one-time purchase, but also for repeated appeal. And finally, another undoubted advantage of this material is its uniqueness. This kind of scotch tape gives confidence that the attackers will not be able to open the package and then return it to its original pristine appearance.

The next type of adhesive tape, which we will tell you about, is masking. Unlike the previously mentioned materials used for packing goods, it is used to protect items during repair work. Its main advantage is that it does not leave even the slightest trace on the surface where it was glued. Due to this property, masking tape is often used to cover the individual parts of a thing during the painting of its entire body. So, for example, if you want to change the color of the cabinet and not stain the mirror, this kind of adhesive tape that will help you.

This material is very widespread in the automotive industry. However, in order to paint the car, ordinary masking tape is not enough – you need a substance that can withstand very high temperatures. For such purposes, an adhesive tape, that can withstand 80 or even 120 degrees of heat, was invented.

Among the existing types of adhesive tape can also be distinguished double-sided tape. This material allows you to securely and seamlessly fasten several items. It is often used during moves to connect boxes of things with each other. As for use of such adhesive tape in industry, it is often used in furniture production – for gluing mirrors, for example.

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