The Long Distance Moving Process

We wanted you, cross country moving customers, to know what the process was like, step by step moving your items from origin to destination. We’ve broken it down into four categories, Booking, Arrival, Transport, and Destination. Here they are for your information:


  • We ensure that you receive an email confirmation of the moving date you requested
  • We inspect the home before arrival to get a better idea of your belongings and location (required by law)
  • Register your move into the schedule and dispatch professional long distance movers to your residence


  • Movers tour the home to gain familiarity
  • Protective gear is placed throughout the home (company policy)
  • Items are padded, wrapped, staged, and moved into trailer (usually the foreman is in charge of placing the items into the trailer)
  • A final safety check is performed before departure (company policy)


  • Driver stops periodically to do safety inspections and keeps a log (required by law)
  • A safe speed is maintained and the professional driver makes sure that safety of the items is maintained.
  • Company and driver calls the customer before delivery to confirm arrival time at the destination.


  • A pre-unload safety inspection is conducted to make sure everything arrived safely (company policy)
  • Movers protect key areas in the house from footstep and dolly traffic
  • Foreman ensures workers are maintaining a safe working environment
  • A final inspection is done to verify that the move was conducted safely and properly

At Local and Long Distance Moving Group we work hard to make we are the most recommended long distance movers. To maintain our great reputation, we make sure this minimum guideline is followed every time. If you have any questions please give us a call. We will be glad to assist you today. 

Please contact our office with any questions you might have about your move by calling 888-627-0301 or emailing to

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